Quality Voice Over Audio Production Services

Pomona Productions

Mission Statement:

To provide high-quality, cost-effective voice over audio to the E-Learning Industry.


Mark Gifford, owner of Pomona Productions, has been producing voice over audio professionally in one form or another for 30+ years. A veteran of the business presentation/corporate communication world, he’s also an experienced music producer, having recorded hundreds of records.

The 20+ voice actors on our team are all seasoned professionals, and have been chosen specifically because they understand the specialized requirements of producing great voice over for the E-Learning Industry. Not every narrator can do this kind of work, but these folks are all proven performers.

For the past 10 years, our team has been the sole provider of audio for Element K, the second largest US provider of E-Learning and we have an ongoing relationship with Skillsoft, Element K’s new owner, as well as NIIT, the former owner.

The great news is that now you can take advantage of the fantastic talent pool and streamlined production processes we have to offer!